Ryston Bank

Finally a sunny morning and a great view from Little Roseberry along Ryston Bank towards Guisborough. The large flat ridge is Bousdale Hill and in the distance is the Eston hills. The narrow field between the forestry of Hutton and Roseberry Common has recently been planted with broad leaf saplings each protected by one of those ubiquitous tubes to prevent rabbits grazing on the young trees. They’re supposed to be degradable. The field is not Open Access land. It somehow avoided being designated. The public was encouraged to help with the planting. Some mountain bikers helped and in return I understand the owner has given them permission to build a downhill course. It can just about be made out, winding its way down the slope. It’s an impressive feat of engineering with ramps, berms and jumps.


Roseberry Summit

A dusting of snow last night. This is the view east with Little Roseberry on the right, Guisborough on the left and with the North Sea beyond.

Roseberry Common

National Trust rangers and volunteers complete the planting of 4,000 saplings for a new hedge along Roseberry Topping north west boundary with fields known as Rye Bank. The work has been funded by the North York Moors National Park Traditional Boundary Scheme. Compared to the existing fence the new hedge, once matured, will provide a much better habitat for wildlife. The majority of the plants are hawthorn but blackthorn, maple, hazel and dog rose are also included.

Roseberry Common

Descending the Topping. Little Roseberry on the right.

Brilliant sunset after a day of sleet

Woke up to snow. That wet, slushy snow that soaks through your shoes and leaves you with blocks of ice in place of feet.

And the sleet continued all morning. The forecast was for it to stop at three and at three it did. Right on cue. An hour later the grey clouds were clearing and the sun was making a show before setting. And footsteps on the snow gave off that familiar crunch indicating the temperature had dropped. Brilliant.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realised the dog had got herself in this picture of the Cleveland Hills as I walked down Aireyholme Lane back to the village.

Roseberry Common

This is my 366th posting. That’s a daily posting for a year although some have been a day or two late when I haven’t been able to access the internet. My first posting was 4 January 2015 (with a few earlier ones direct to Facebook). There must have been an extra posting on one day. I can’t remember. My intention was to post a photo a day from my runs, walks or bike rides occasionally documenting village events, wildlife, the seasonal changes on the moors and hills, with little snippets of local history thrown in.

So for today’s photo I had hoped for an iconic view of my local hill, Roseberry Topping. But once again the weather was dismal. From the col on Roseberry Common the summit is hidden by cloud. On days like this, and there seems to have been many of them this winter, inspiration is elusive. So here is my favourite tree with Roseberry as a backdrop although you’ll have to use your imagination.

Roseberry Common

Dramatic skies at dusk tonight over Roseberry.