Another view of the upper reaches of Annandale. The subject of yesterday’s posting, the Devil’s Beef Tub, is in the distant right of centre. The sheep fold is on Well Rig on the climb up to Hart Crag. 


Devil’s Beef Tub

Or the more correct name of the Corrie of Annan. Cattle rustled in raids were once hoarded at the head of the valley hence it became known as the Marquis of Annandale’s Beef Stand before acquiring the popular name of the Devil’s Beef Tub.

The monument is to John Hunter, a Covenanter, who was shot by Douglas’s Dragoons on the opposite hillside in 1685.

Grey Yade

The rolling hills of the Southern Uplands. Green Lairs and Grey Yade in the Tweeddale hills. Only Grey Yade manages to scrap above 500m above sea level.