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I am a retired cost engineer/IT manager and am now concentrating on the Outdoor Activities sector. I am a qualified Mountain Leader and licensed orienteering and athletics coach based in North Yorkshire and am available for freelance work anywhere in the UK but principally in the North of England.

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  1. Hey Mick, I was in the woods today. I am trying to find the source of the stone for Cook’s Cottage – and I guess all the other older buildings in Great Ayton. I think the sandstone used for these buildings may lie above the Great Whin Sill quarried in the woods. What do you reckon? There seems to be a sandstone quarry face high up opposite the working of the sill stone


    1. Hi Tim, at first I assumed you meant the site of the supposed Cook’s family cottage above Aireyholme. But I guess you mean the cottage that was sold to Australia. Stone for the village buildings would have been quarried from the sandstone layer on the edge of the moors. I’ve read there were at least 12 quarries between Capt Cook’s monument and Roseberry. Including on Roseberry itself. I’m not sure if it would be possible to identify a particular quarry. There is a poorer quality sandstone layer (Cockle Scar) and the ironstone layer but neither have are suitable for building I believe. The whinstone from the Cliff Rigg quarry is exceptionally hard and was used for road surfaces although Undercliffe was built from this stone. Hope this helps. I notice your email address is My son’s at Manchester Met doing history. Small world. Regards Mick


      1. Hi Mick. Thanks so much for you prompt reply. Yes I am an academic – a human geographer – at MMU. I hope your son is enjoying his time there. However, most of the time, I am at Melbourne University, hence my interest in Cook’s Cottage. I intend to write a book about building stone in Melbourne – where it has come from over the past two centuries, amongst other things. That’s why I wanted to track the quarry down, but as you say, this is probably impossible – though we certainly know it would have been very local. I thought I might have found it at the quarry face opposite the Whin Sill in Cliff Ridge Wood! Any other info you come across please let me know. Best wishes, Tim

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  2. Hello,
    My name is Curi Roseberry & my ancestors (according to my DNA profile) were from Yorkshire – my last name most likely came from Roseberry Topping. I wanted to tell you how much I adore your blog! I have never visited the area and your photos are a delight. The posts are rich with more information about the National Heritage Site than I believed possible. I’m so happy to have found this resource, and you have my sincerest thanks!


    1. Hi Curi, thanks for your comment. It came through on my old site which I don’t monitor closely. My new site is

      I don’t know of any “Roseberrys” in the village or locality. That is not to say there aren’t any, I’ve just never heard of it as a local surname. The name first became recorded in the 16th century. Before that, documents refer to the hill as Ohesberg, Othensberg, Osbury, Ounsbury, and other spellings. Originally it is thought to mean Odin’s hill, the Viking god. It is thought the “R” was added when Yorkshire accent slurred the name.

      There is an Earldom of Rosebery created by Queen Anne in 1703 to Sir Archibald Primrose. His seat was the Dalmeny Estate in Edinburgh see He had land locally from which the title came, I guess.

      Incidentally, there is also a Roseberry in Jamaica. A township today I think but may have been originally a plantation.

      All the best, Mick

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