Searching for the Cook Family Cottage

What a change from yesterday. A bitterly cold wind. Helped out this morning with an archaeological survey in a small copse where it is thought the cottage was in which the young James Cook lived. The site is on National Trust land close to Aireyholme Farm where Cook’s father was employed as a farm labourer. Two surveys were planned, an earth resistance survey, which shows the moisture in the ground and a magnetic survey, where anomalies in the earth’s magnetic field caused by disturbed soils or decayed organic materials are indicated. As it happened the site is directly on the Cleveland Dyke, a seam of whinstone, volcanic rock which obscured any potential anomalies. So only the electrical survey was completed. Results to follow.

High Green, Great Ayton

Walked into the village this morning. Felt like spring.

Ingleby Incline

Ingleby Incline, the familiar diagonal scar climbing the Cleveland Hills, was in operation between 1861 and 1929 and connected the North Eastern Railway at Battersby with the ironstone mines in Rosedale. It was a self acting incline, that is loaded wagons pulled descending under gravity pulled up empty wagons. Both rakes of wagons controlled by a brake drum housed at the summit.

The incline is just under a mile long with a gradient varying from 1 in 9 to1 in 4½. In the early 1990s Gilly and I organised a short-lived race up the incline. The race actually started a couple of hundred metres round the bend at the bottom to get the mile in. A while ago I was handed a copy of the 1991 results. So for prosperity I’ve copied them here so they may be forever in cyberspace …

1991 INGLEBY INCLINE UPHILL MILE (719 feet of climb)

The weather was certainly different to last year, but there was no change to the winners of the senior races. The rain and head-wind made for slow times with only three runners managing to beat last years times.

Once again we are indebted to SILVA for generously supporting this race and for providing most of the prizes. Thanks also go to the Forestry Commission for allowing the race to take place.

Thanks for coming.

Mic and Gilly

  1. Gilly Hale               Mandale Harriers & A.C. 11:05
  2. Kath Procter          Mandale Harriers & A.C. 11:30
  3. Clare Garland        Mandale Harriers & A.C. 11:39
  4. Gill Tweddle           Mandale Harriers & A.C. 11:58
  5. Jill Libby                Mandale Harriers & A.C. 14:43
  6. Amy Howe U/14    Mandale Harriers & A.C. 16:10
  1. Chris Guy              Newton Aycliffe A.C.       11:24
  2. Marc Thompson    Newton Aycliffe A.C.       12:31
  3. Daren Crawford     Newton Aycliffe A.C.       13:13
  4. Billy Bolland          Newton Aycliffe A.C.        15:04
VETS RACE (0/40)
  1. Chris White           Newton Aycliffe A.C.         9:37
  2. Jon Williams         Mandale Harriers & A.C.    9:56
  3. Brian Oliver           Marsh House Harriers      10:08
  4. Keith Wilson         Mandale Harriers & A.C.   10:15
  5. Ian Macpherson   Mandale Harriers .& A.C.  10:32
  6. Derek Owens 0/50 Mandale Harriers & A.C. 10:49
  7. John Kettle           New Marske Harriers        10:51
  8. Allen Cameron     Fell Runners Association  11:24
  9. Ken Wilson          M’bro & Cleveland Harriers 11:32
  10. Ray Turner           Unattached                         11:50
  11. Neil Dyson          Mandale Harriers & A.C.       12:15
  12. Bob Howe          Mandale Harriers & A.C.       12:56
  1. Robin Bergstrand       Mandale Harriers & A.C.    8:30
  2. Steve Murdoch          Jarrow & Hebburn A. C.     9:21
  3. Chris Wright               Mandale Harriers & A.C.    9:24
  4. Adam Mead               Mandale Harriers & A.C.    9:30
  5. Ian Davison                Marsh House Harriers       9:41
  6. Brian Roberts             Mandale Harriers & A.C.   9:44
  7. James Burdett           Newton Aycliffe A.C.         9:53
  8. Norman Robson        Peterlee Road Runners     9:53
  9. Ian Gilmour               M’bro & Cleveland Harriers 9:54
  10. Malcolm Fisher         Mandale Harriers & A.C.     9:57
  11. Peter Round             Jarrow & Hebburn A.C.       9:58
  12. David Rose               Peterlee Road Runners       10:05
  13. Ian Hodgeson          Cleveland Triathlon Club      10:09
  14. Lee Wren                 Newton Aycliffe A.C.             10:16
  15. Robert McKenna     Jarrow &Hebburn A. C.         10:17
  16. Joseph Blackett       Unattached                           10:19
  17. Peter Milburn           Newton Aycliffe A.C.             10:23
  18. Steve Libby             Mandale Harriers & A.C.        10:39
  19. Andy Laing              Mandale Harriers & A.C.        10:42
  20. Paul Guy                 Newton Aycliffe.A.C.               10:49
  21. Ron Gibbon            Peterlee Road Runners           11:00
  22. Mick Power            Mandale Harriers & A.C.          11:19
  23. Paul Marriott           M’bro & Cleveland Harriers     11:22
  24. Mark Edwards        Mandale Harriers & A.C.          11:30
  25. Thomas Ellerton     Unattached                              12:32
  26. Martin Lawrence    Jarrow & Hebburn A. C.           13:28

Chalybeate Stream

Orienteering today, at a small wood called Hutton Mulgrave just off the moors road to Whitby. It shows how serious I take orienteering nowadays as I carry my camera around – just in case.
Before the 2nd control I had to cross this stream; called Eller Beck I discovered later from the OS map. The orange colouring indicates it contains a lot of iron salts. This is known as chalybeate or ferruginous and waters containing these minerals were very popular in the 17th century as they were said to have health-giving properties. They were both drunk and the orange mud used as a face pack as it was supposed to be good for the complexion. Whole towns and villages have developed and prospered around chalybeate springs. Even the young Princess Victoria believed in its properties and drank the waters every day.

Guisborough from Cliff Wood

One for the Guisborough ex-patriots. From the top of an old spoil heap from Belmont Ironstone Mine. The metal stanchions supported a ropeway used to haul the spoil up from the mine entrance near Hunter Hill Farm. This mine was owned by Bolchow, Vaughan and Company and operated from 1907 to 1921. In the eighties this spoil heap was fairly sterile, nothing would grow on it. But today nature is slowly reclaiming.

Roseberry from Ryston Bank

After yesterday’s Victor Meldew posting I felt the need to post something more pleasanter. Until not so long ago this view of Roseberry from the north east would not have been possible. The hillside as far as the fence that can just be made out beyond the crag was blanketed in forestry. It has since been cleared felled and hopefully there are no plans to replant it. Ryston Bank is a name that appears on the 1:10000 map.

Cliffs below Cowbar Lane

Had a pleasant walk along the coast from Easington through Staithes and Port Mulgrave before heading back inland through Roxby. It was somewhat marred by the sight of fly tipping over the cliffs at Cowbar Lane near Staithes. This is a National Park. Staithes is one of the Park’s honeypots. It is on the Cleveland Way, a popular long distance footpath. What mindless morons did this? I feel utterly sick.