Highcliff Nab

Had a trip out to Highcliff Nab today. I was surprised how much forestry has been felled. This is a view which hasn’t been seen for a few years.

Cringle Moor

At 432m high the third highest hill on the North York Moors. Seen here from the slope of Cold Moor.

Redcar Sands

The £1.6m “vertical pier” dominating the sea front.

Toft Hill Scout Camp

View towards Park Nab.

Codhill Heights

From Percy Cross.


Westworth Reservoir was built in 1871 by the Guisborough Water Company and supplied the town’s water. Since falling into disuse the dam has been breached and the area is reverting back to nature.

Footpath from Hall Fields

Footpath to Hall Fields
A tight exit onto Guisborough Road, Great Ayton.