Stepping Stones

Quiz question: name the seven tributaries of the Yorkshire Ouse, in order starting from the North? It’s a family trivia question. This is number 4 the River Wharfe just below Kettlewell on a wet afternoon.

Whin, Cliff Rigg Quarry

Gorse or furze is one shrub which flowers throughout the winter but at this time of the year it’s yellow flowers are in profusion. Another name is whin on account of its liking for rocky soils such as that in the old whinstone quarry on Cliff Ridge, Great Ayton. Or may it is the rock that is named after the plant.

Bluebells, Garfit Farm

I make no excuse for posting another picture of bluebells, they’ll soon be dying away for another year. The first bracken fonds have overtaken the delicate flowers. In Newton Woods they are already past their best but here in Bilsdale in this wooded gill to the south of White Hill (commonly known as Hasty Bank) they’re still going strong.

Garfit map

Temple Beeld

A most unusual feature on the North York Moors. I’m more used to coming across bields, to use the more usual spelling, in the Lakeland fells. This one has been built between five standing stones in the form of a cross so that sheep can shelter from which ever way the wind is blowing.  The location is on Lealholm Moor, a moor which is void of rock outcrops. The stone must have been carted in from quite a long distance. The bield is absent from the Ordnance Survey map but is quite clear on Google Maps from which it can be seen that the arms of the cross are slightly angled. Peculiar but clearly following a design.

Temple Beeld map

Lowther Mausoleum

The Lowther Mausoleum in the graveyard of St Michael’s Church, Lowther Park near Penrith. A Grade II listed building. Built in 1857 of sandstone for the second Earl of Lonsdale, William Lowther. Four griffins, the king of all creatures, atop the octagonal corner turrets standing guard.

NY5124 map


Another view of the upper reaches of Annandale. The subject of yesterday’s posting, the Devil’s Beef Tub, is in the distant right of centre. The sheep fold is on Well Rig on the climb up to Hart Crag. 

Devil’s Beef Tub

Or the more correct name of the Corrie of Annan. Cattle rustled in raids were once hoarded at the head of the valley hence it became known as the Marquis of Annandale’s Beef Stand before acquiring the popular name of the Devil’s Beef Tub.

The monument is to John Hunter, a Covenanter, who was shot by Douglas’s Dragoons on the opposite hillside in 1685.