Ghost School Sign

First day of spring so a good time to get the bike out of its winter hibernation. Took time out and a slight detour in Kirkby-in-Cleveland to photograph this pre-Worboys sign.

Pre-Worboys? What’s he on about? Well Sir Walter Worboys was born in Australia and earned his reputation as a director of I.C.I. In 1963 he was appointed chairman of a governmental committee to review British road signage. Prior to this signs were inconsistent with differing styles erected by local authorities, various motoring organisations and a couple of earlier attempts at standardisation. The design Worboys committee came up with the one still in use today and has made a significant contribution to an increase in road safety for the simple reason as being easier to recognise.

The school in Kirkby was founded in 1683 for boys only. It closed n 1974 when a joint school with Great Broughton girls school was set up mid way between the two villages, some distance from this sign which is over fifty years old.