Thompson’s of Osmotherley

This shop in Osmotherley is in obvious need of a lot of care and attention. It was sold in 2013 after having being in the same family for over two centuries. Edward Thompson began selling groceries from his front room in 1786 when King George III was on the throne. The business grew and was passed on father to son for the next five generations. In 1910 it was described as “General Dealers, Tobacconists and Fancy Dealers etc.” and even blended its own tea by the name of “Jenny Brewster”, the name of a local spring. By 1935, the store was described as ‘a veritable mini Harrods’.

In 1943 with no son to take over it was left to Miss Grace Thompson to run the shop until a fall in 2004 forced her to retire. With no one to take over, the shop and all its fittings and contents were sold by auction in 2013. However Miss Thompson placed a restrictive covenant on the new owner that it has to be run as a shop and not converted into a house or cafe. This has the support of the town council and the National Park.

A note on the window says that refurbishment is planned. All the original shop fittings have been photographed and are in storage. A lot of work needs to be done.