The Monks’ Walk

In the grounds of Guisborough Priory, an avenue of lime trees surrounding a diamond shaped meadow of wild garlic or ramsons. The gardens were laid out by the Chaloner family in the 18th century appearing on an Estate maps of 1773. Then the trees would have been pollarded with grass in the centre.


I’ve already posted a photo of this plant earlier this Spring (March 25). Back then the lush green leaves that covered the woodland floor were a welcome sight after the dull colours of winter. The flowers of the ramsons are a delicate white that display a carpet of colour that is equal to that of the bluebells. Ransoms seem to prefer the damp low levels of the wood leaving the upper levels for the bluebells.

Another common name for ramsons is wild garlic and can be used as a substitute for for culinary garlic. A European delicacy is the milk or butter from cows fed on ramsons.