Seated Figure

Sixty five years ago the North York Moors National Park was created to ensure that its landscape, wildlife, and cultural heritage was protected and cared for and will remain conserved for future generations. Their website says “its a place where the landscape and way of life is respected and understood”. I am therefore disappointed that the Park have allowed the high moors above Westerdale, to be desecrated by the erection of this excrescence.

Entitled ‘Seated Figure’ it is a three metres tall painted bronze sculpture by Sean Henry that has been commissioned by The David Ross Foundation. Supposedly it’s a temporary piece of “public art” that will be removed after five years. I look forward to that day although I have my doubts that it will happen.

As a sculpture I must admit it is good and would certainly enhance Redcar sea front or Middlesbrough but surely not a National Park. I don’t want to see the moors turned into a theme park.

NZ6805 map


3 thoughts on “Seated Figure”

  1. Completely agree, there are plenty of places within the National Park it could have been positioned but not on the moor and definitely not on the sky line. The positioning has turned a nice piece of art (not sure about the painting mind) into a carbuncle.
    As for your doubt that it will be gone after 5 years I would like to reiterate for the benefit of our travelling brethren, IT’S MADE OF BRONZE.

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