Topograph, Cringle Moor

The topograph on the summit of Cringle Moor. Even with the clear skies I couldn’t make out Penshaw Monument yet alone Cross Fell. The plume of smoke must be the Wilton International chemical site (ex ICI Wilton).

In case you’re wondering Alec Falconer was a founder member in 1912 of the Middlesbrough Rambling Club which in those days went by the rather long winded name of the “Middlesbrough and District Countrywide Holidays Association and Holiday Fellowship Rambling Club”. Phew, what a mouthful. Alec was also an active campaigner for the rights of walkers under the pseudonym of “The Ramber” and was instrumental in the creation of the long distance footpath the Cleveland Way which passes this spot on Cringle Moor. Alas he died a year before the footpath was opened in 1969.

Cringle Moor is also on the Lyke Wake Walk, another long distance footpath from Osmotherley to Whitby. Last week Clare Balding walked a (very) short section in her BBC Radio 4 programme “Ramblings”. It is still available as a podcast (scroll down to Lyke Wake Walk, North York Moors Thu, 4 Jun 15).

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