The Nelson Stone

Or is it? I was last here in 2005 when I took a photo of the Nelson Stone a 19th century boundary stone that I seem to remember being inscribed with “NELSON STONE”. But it’s gone, disappeared like a will-o’-the-wisp. Bill Cowley in his book ‘Snilesworth’ says the name derives from the medieval name Nelehou so the remaining standing stone is likely to be the real Nelson Stone. Comparing the two photos the notch at the base of the stone is clearly obvious and of course the shooting hut in the background, a landmark visible on the ridge for miles.

Snilesworth is a vast area of managed heather moorland which until the “Right to Roam” legislation came into effect in 2000 was out of bounds. The nearest public right of way over the plateau  is 4 kilometres away which means I can not even run with my dog along the motorways that masquerade as access tracks. The name Snilesworth Moor has gained some notoriety. In 2008 the head game keeper and two of his keepers admitted to using illegal traps baited with pigeons to catch birds of prey. We saw no raptors there today.



2 thoughts on “The Nelson Stone”

  1. Hello Mick, the finely masoned Nelson stone which was missing from it’s location adjacent the ancient stone shown in your photo was removed by persons unknown and dumped in the small quarry excavation a few yards to the east. I reported this to the NYM National Park office and spoke to the archaeologist, Mags Waughman in Sep. 2015, a subsequent phone call was made and I was informed that Graham Lee was going to investigate. It must have taken a lot of effort to remove the stone from it’s location. Don’t know why it hasn’t been restored to it’s original position.


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