“Framing the Landscape”

A new piece of art erected in Newton Wood entitled “Framing the Landscape” and with the sub-title “Many people look but only a few see”. I don’t know who the artist is. There is a signature but it’s indecipherable. There are also a couple of logos engraved on the frame: the National Trust and the sponsor, Grand Central Railway Co. Ltd., with a couple more, the University of Huddersfield and the fabricator’s, on the reverse.

Do I like it? Well I’m not in the least arty but I do like the work of those artists who use natural materials such as Andrew Goldsworthy, Miha Brinovec or Spencer Byles. My first thought was yuck but maybe when the frame has a patina of rust and the bracken has regrown covering the easel it will not be so obtrusive. I didn’t like the Angel of the North at first but I have to admit that has grown on me. Although that of course is in an inner city and not in the beauty of the National Park. Furthermore although somewhat discrete I saddened by the addition of the various logos, especially that of a sponsor and fear the slippery slide of turning Roseberry Topping into a theme park.


4 thoughts on ““Framing the Landscape””

  1. I’ve received an email from a Claudia who seems to work for the artist Ashley Jackson:

    Hello, Thank you for your discussion on ‘Framing the landscape’. I understand your concerns regarding the patina of the frame and can honestly say that all the frames of which there are five are installed in an uncoated steel so that they may change with the weather and become more at one with the landscape. Initially they do look a little brash please take a look at our instagram account to see how they do alter. https://www.instagram.com/p/BBFDrxBOx2e/?taken-by=framingthelandscape

    With regards to the inscripition of partners and sponsors, the project is free and thus so as not to take funding from grants and public purses we look to Yorkshire corporate companies that have the same value of the landscape and promotion of the arts to young children.With time the inscriptions will also soften but unfortunately without sponsors and partners the project would not be possible.
    This includes tow free apps, downloadable tuition and projects for KS2 schools and also masterclasses with Ashley with school children at each of the locations.

    It is not our intention to cause offence or make the iconic landmarks a ‘disney attraction’ we just wish to make people stop for a minute and enjoy the landscape, the frame is intended to give focus particularly to young children as they will be the next keepers of the landscape and it will fall to them to look after it. How can they do so if they don’t have a connection to the landscape? We hope to use art to make this connection.

    I do so hope that you might revisit the frame and see how it now blends with the dark tree bark, ferns and bracken of Newton Wood.

    Warm wishes and happy viewing


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