Kirby Bank Trod

I’ve posted a photo of this mediaeval trod or pannierway before, just over a year ago, on 24 February, 2015 to be exact, but as there is renewed concern over potential damage being done to the trod by off road motorbikes, another post might not be amiss. The proposed prohibition order has been delayed due to a technicality. The white house is the Pybus scout camp, the trod passes to the right of it. The damage is particularly bad near there at a stream crossing where the stones are being dislodged. Higher up, where this photo was taken, it can be seen the bikers are using the higher ground to the right of the erosion gulley.

The trod was built to transport salt and fish from the Tees estuary to Rievaulx Abbey.




2 thoughts on “Kirby Bank Trod”

  1. Hi Mick, did you know that to the right of the house and trod in your photo was the site of an Alum works, with the excavated minerals being sledged down from the outcrops along the jet miners track.


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