Percy Rigg Iron Age Settlement

I have posted a photo of this iron age settlement before. On an overcast winter’s morning with patches of snow on the ground. The overgrown heather smothered any hope of making sense of the earthworks. Today in bright sunshine I cycled past and was surprised to see that the heather has recently been cut back so that the ditches and hut circles can clearly be made out although perhaps not so obvious on a two dimensional photograph. There are five circles and interpretation of this one in particular is helped by an exposed section of sandstone foundation blocks. Can I see an entrance? My phenomenological mind runs wild. Women grinding wheat using a quern stone. Children playing. Beyond the site along the ridge the ancient oak woodlands have been cleared. Cattle graze, crops are tended, Down in the valley Sleddale is wet and boggy, still dominated by tree cover.

Well worth a visit before the heather grows tall again.

Percy Cross Rigg map


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